Quantcast Installation -- Continued - TM-9-2815-247-34_545

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TM 9--2815--247--34 0079 00--12 CRANKSHAFT DAMPER AND OIL FILTER HOUSING ASSEMBLY REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0079 00 Installation -- Continued 3.  Attach suitable lifting sling and hoist to lifting eyes (5). WARNING WARNING Damper and oil filter housing is heavy, lift with caution. 4.  Apply a 1/16-- to 1/8--inch bead of sealant at the split line (36) and the mating surfaces of the damper housing and crankcase assembly (3). CAUTION Do not allow damper and oil filter housing to rest on studs while housing is separated from crankcase and oil trans- fer tubes. Extreme caution must be taken to prevent damage to machined surfaces on the oil pan, crankcase parting line, and the damper and oil filter housing. 5.  Using the hoist, carefully install damper and oil filter housing (3). Figure 14 1.00 IN. APPROX SPLIT LINE CRANKCASE ASSEMBLY DAMPER HOUSING 36 3 5 APPLY SEALANT AS SHOWN


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