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TM 9--2815--247--34 0008 00--1 ENGINE HAS LOW POWER AND EXCESSIVE BLACK SMOKE 0008 00 THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Engine has Low Power and Excessive Black Smoke INITIAL SETUP: Tools and special Tools General mechanic’s tool kit (item 19, WP 0103 00) Equipment Conditions Vehicle MASTER switch OFF (TM 9--2350--292--10) Engine deck removed (TM 9--2350--292--20) Personnel Required Three no yes no yes Is turbocharger housing clamp tight and free of dam- age? A B CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE 1.   Remove turbocharger outlet elbows (WP 0045 00 and WP 0046 00). 2.   Inspect turbocharger for loose bearings, damage to impeller and carbon deposits on turbine wheel. Is turbocharger bearing tight, impeller free of damage and is turbine wheel free of carbon deposits? WARNING Remove rings, bracelets, wristwatches, and neck chains before working on any vehicle. Jewelry can catch on equip- ment and cause injury, or may short across an electrical circuit and cause severe burns or electrical shock. Tighten or replace clamp as necessary (TM 9--2990--205--34&P). Verify fault is corrected. Replace turbocharger (WP 0040 00 and WP 0041 00). Verify fault is corrected. Inspect turbocharger housing clamp for looseness and damage.


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