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TM 9--2815--247--34 0008 00--2 ENGINE HAS LOW POWER AND EXCESSIVE BLACK SMOKE -- CONTINUED 0008 00 C Are intake and exhaust systems free of air leaks and are they installed properly? CONTINUED FROM STEP B no yes Inspect intake and exhaust manifold systems for air leaks and proper installation (WP 0039 00 and WP 0040 00). Repair or replace systems as necessary (WP 0029 00 thru WP 0034 00). Verify fault is corrected. D Is fuel metering pump properly timed and is fuel adjust- ment proper? no yes Inspect fuel metering pump for proper timing and fuel adjustments (WP 0015 00). Replace fuel metering pump (WP 0039 00). Verify fault is corrected. Replace fuel metering pump advance unit (WP 0053 00). END OF TASK


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