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TM 9--2815--247--34 0088 00--14 AUTOMATIC FUEL INJECTION ADVANCE CONTROL ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0088 00 Assembly 1.   Measure the total thickness (A) of ball bearing (40) inner race to face of outer race. 2.   Measure the total thickness (B) from inner face of bevel gear to inner face of bearing journal. 3.   Add thickness (A) and (B) and subtract from 2.6605--2.6625 inch (67.5767--67.6275 mm) to arrive at shim dimen- sion. 4.   Add or remove 0.002 inch (.0508 mm) shim laminations from shim pack (41), until required dimension (C) is ob- tained. NOTE The shim pack has several 0.002 inch (.0508 mm) lami- nations. Shims may be stripped from the pack to obtain shim dimensions. If shims must be added, they will have to be stripped from a new shim pack. 5.   Install shim (41) of predetermined thickness on spur bevel gearshaft (10). 6.   Install ball bearing (40) with bearing trademark facing away from gearshaft on spur bevel gearshaft (10). 7.   Install eye bracket (39) over ball bearing (40), using a soft--faced hammer. WARNING 8.   Install plug (38) and new retaining ring (37). Figure 33 (A) (B) BEARING TRADEMARK IN THIS POSITION ACCESSORY DRIVEN BEVEL GEAR (C) REQUIRED THICKNESS 2.6605 MIN 2.6625 MAX 39 37 38 40 41 10 40 10


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