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TM 9--2815--247--34 0011 00--1 SERVICE UPON RECEIPT 0011 00 THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Service Upon Receipt GENERAL This section covers the procedures for servicing the AVDS--1790--8CR engine upon receipt. INITIAL PROCEDURES Initial Procedures Inspect the engine for damage incurred during shipment. If the engine has been damaged, report the damage on SF Form 364, Report of Deficiency. Check the engine against the packing slip to see if the shipment is complete. Report all discrepancies in accor- dance with the instructions on DA PAM 738--750. Check whether the engine has been modified. Reference shall be made to the authorized equipment configuration change list when applicable. Assembly of Equipment The engine is shipped as an assembled unit. Assembly is not required. Equipment Instructions Follow all precautions on DD Form 1397 (Processing and Deprocessing Record for Shipment, Storage and Issue of Vehicles and Spare Engines). One tag will be with the Records Book and one in an envelope attached to the en- gine. PREOPERATIONAL PROCEDURES Inspect all wires, fuel lines, connectors, electrical connectors, welds, bolts and seals. Check for the following: ENGINE OIL: Check level (Refer to TM 9--2350--292--10). OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES Initial Starting and Break--in NOTE Engine may contain preservative oil upon receipt. Preservative engine oils PE1 and PE2 are identical to engine oils OE--10 and OE--30, except that they contain a preservative additive. PE1 and PE2 will be used in the same manner as the regularly used engine oils OE--10 and OE--30 until the first semiannual oil change. Due to international processing, engine may be hard to start and may smoke and run rough. Let it run for 5 minutes and see if it improves. Perform troubleshooting procedures if engine fails to develop full power after 5 minutes. Start and run engine (refer to TM 9--2350--292--10) until preservative oil is out of combustion chambers and engine is operating smoothly. Check for fuel and oil leaks immediately. Operational Test Test engine systems for proper operation (refer to TM 9--2350--292--10).


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