Quantcast Test -- Continued - TM-9-2815-247-34_675

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TM 9--2815--247--34 0088 00--34 AUTOMATIC FUEL INJECTION ADVANCE CONTROL ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0088 00 Test -- Continued 35. Place automatic fuel injection advance control (7) into a clean dirt--free container, preferably a polyethylene bag, until needed at installation. Figure 33 7 Figure 33 Adjustment NOTE Do not turn the adjusting ring more than 1/16 inch (1.5875 mm) during any one adjustment. If the advance varies more than 2°  at 300 rpm when the oil pressure drain button is depressed, the advance should be retarded slightly. This variance indicates the mechanical retard stop is not in phase with the hydraulic valve. 1.   If advance assembly fails to pass the test, it may be adjusted by rotating the adjusting ring (16). 2.   Note whether advance assembly advances too soon or too late. Either condition can normally be corrected by rotating the adjusting ring (16). Figure 33 16 Figure 33


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