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TM 9--2815--247--34 0012 00--1 GENERAL MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 0012 00 THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: General Maintenance Instructions GENERAL The procedures for cleaning, inspection, repair and assembly of the various parts and components which make up the engine sub--assemblies will be the same for a great percentage of parts and components. To avoid repetition, the general procedures are detailed in this work package and will be referenced throughout this manual. Any cleaning, inspection, repair, and assembly procedures which are peculiar to a specific part or component will be covered in the section or paragraph relating to that item. CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS General The importance of cleaning must be thoroughly understood by maintenance personnel. Great care and conscien- tious effort are required in all cleaning operations. The presence of dirt or foreign material is a constant threat to satisfactory engine operation and maintenance. A dirty operation can result in cylinder scuffing or scratching, high oil consumption, bearing destruction, and a variety of component failures directly attributed to the entrance of dirt. Maintain rigid cleaning standards during all phases of the cleaning operation. The following general instructions apply to all cleaning operations. Clean all parts before inspection, after repair, and before assembly. Hands should be kept free of any accumulation of grease, which can collect dust and grit. After cleaning, all parts should be covered or wrapped to protect them from dirt and dust accumulation. Castings Remove sludge and gum deposits using a stiff brush. WARNING Clean all surfaces with dry--cleaning solvent (item 5, WP 0100 00). Repeat operation if surface is not free of scale or adhering material which might be dislodged later. WARNING Blow out all tapped holes with compressed air. After cleaning, dry casting with compressed air.


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