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TM 9--2815--247--34 0096 00--15 MECHANICAL DRIVE HOUSING AND ASSOCIATED PARTS (FAN TOWER, DAMPER END) REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0096 00 Assembly 1.   Position original shims (43) on end of inner bearing race (side opposite bearing trademark) of ball bearing (42). 2.   Measure the total thickness (69) of bearing race and shims, from shim on inner race to upper face of outer race, with end play removed. Thickness must be from 1.2635 inch (32.0929 mm) minimum to 1.2655 inch (32.1437 mm) maximum. 3.   When total thickness is greater than 1.2655 inch (32.1437 mm), strip 0.002 inch (.0508 mm) thick laminations from shim pack until correct thickness is obtained. 4.   When total thickness is less than 1.2635 inch (32.0929 mm), add 0.002 inch (.0508 mm) thick shims (stripped from a new shim pack) as necessary. Figure 53 LOWER DRIVEN GEARSHAFT BALL BEARING 1.2635 INCHES MIN. 1.2655 INCHES MAX. FRONT FAN DRIVEN GEARSHAFT BEARING TRADE-- MARK IN THIS POSITION 42 43 69


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