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TM 9--2815--247--34 0104 00--1 MANUFACTURED ITEMS LIST 0104 00 SCOPE This work package includes complete instructions for making items to be manufactured or fabricated at direct or general support maintenance. All materials needed for manufacture of an item are listed on the illustration. All di- mensions in work package are in inches. PART NUMBER INDEX LIST Figure No. Description Used For Part Number Cage Code 1 Engine Turning Tool (flywheel end) Used to turn or hold the engine crank- shaft at the flywheel. 656059 02978 2 Engine Turning Tool (damper end)   Used to turn or hold the engine crank- shaft at the damper. 656058 02978 3 Valve Sleeve Remover Used to remove oil pressure regulating valve sleeve. TBD 02978 4 Rod Fixture and Guides Used to replace connecting rod bushing. TBD 02978 5 Coupling Puller Used to remove coupling from injection pump and accessory drive. TBD 02978 6 Bending Tools Used to bend fuel injection lines. X--105849 02978 7 Oil Plug Used to block oil passage to fan towers during oil nozzle targeting. X--108165 02978 8 Socket, Modified Used to torque oil pump assembly cap. X--102263 02978 9 Lifting Tool Used to lift front fan tower drive housing. TBD 02978 10 Turbocharger Covers Used to cap turbochargers for engine leak tests. 02978 11 Dipstick Tube Seal Used to seal dipstick tube opening for engine leak test. 02978 12 Air Valve Adapter Used to supply air pressure at engine vent and to hold pressure for engine leak test. 02978


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