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TM 9--2815--247--34 0012 00--9 GENERAL MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS -- CONTINUED 0012 00 REPLACEMENT OF HELICAL--COIL AND THREADED INSERTS General Replace all helical--coil and screw thread inserts which do not fit securely in the casting or when casting threads have become galled or stripped. Replacement Replace all unserviceable helical--coil and screw thread inserts in the same manner as outlined in the following instruction. For instructional purposes, helical--coil inserts in the cylinder assembly will be replaced. Use a diamond--shaped punch to remove the staked, serrated--tooth type section of insert (1) from the thread in cylinder casting. Install screw thread insert extractor (2) (item 108 or 109, WP 0103 00) into insert. Remove insert by applying constant pressure while turning extractor counterclockwise until insert is removed. NOTE The special coil screw lock inserter tools (items 103 through 107, WP 0103 00) must be used when installing the self--locking thread type inserts. These special insert- ers are further identified by painted areas marked either with a red handle or a red stripe around the body. Thread new insert (1) into the threaded guide of inserter (3) by slowly turning the pilot (4) until insert is flush with the end of the tool. Insert the pilot of the screw thread inserter (3) into the threaded hole in cylinder with face of the inserter resting solidly against the casting as shown. Slowly turn handle (5) of pilot clockwise until no further resistance is felt. The insert will then be flush with cylinder casting. Remove inserter and break off insert tang. 5 1 2 3 4 1


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