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TM 9--2815--247--34 0013 00--1 CYLINDER COMPRESSION CHECK 0013 00 THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Test INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Special Tools General mechanic’s tool kit (item 1, WP 0103 00) Cylinder compression tester (item 91, WP 0103 00) Materials/Parts Flat washers (12) (item 140, WP 0102 00) Lubricant (item 12, WP 0100 00) Equipment Conditions Engine at normal operating temperature with fuel supply cut off (TM 9--2350--292--20) Fuel injector nozzle and holder assemblies removed (WP 0036 00) Personnel Required Three References TM 9--2350--292--20 CAUTION It is recommended that all nozzles be removed when per- forming a compression check. Nozzle removal will pre- vent the possibility of the engine firing on other cylinders when the engine is cranked, and will permit the engine to be cranked at the desired RPM to check compression. NOTE Compression testing must be performed within an hour after stopping engine.


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