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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-14.   FUEL INJECTOR REPLACEMENT (continued). c. INSTALLATION NOTE Make   sure   that   the   soft,   graphite-coated   surface   of   the   gasket   is   facing   fuel injector. 1. Install new gasket (6) on fuel injector (5). 2. Install fuel injector (5) in bore in cylinder head (8).  Make sure opening for screw faces rocker arm cover (7). NOTE Make sure tapered side of spacer is toward hose clamp and that tapered side of hose clamp is facing up. 3. Install  hose  clamp  (4),  spacer  (3),  new  spring  tension  washer  (2),  and  nut  (1)  on  stud  (9)  and  fuel  injector  (5). Torque nut to 17 ft-lb (23 Nm). FOLLOW-ON TASKS:   Install fuel pressure pipe assemblies and return fuel hose (para 2-23). 3-49


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