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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-15.   INJECTION PUMP REPLACEMENT.  J This Task Covers: a. Removal b. Cleaning and Inspection c. Installation Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment:    Crankcase gasket set (Item 1, Appendix F)    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive    Head gasket set (Item 3, Appendix F) (Item 15, Appendix G) Equipment Conditions: Materials/Parts:    Airflow deflectors removed (para 2-24).    Drycleaning solvent (Item 4, Appendix D)    Fuel pressure pipe assemblies and return    Rag (Item 7, Appendix D) fuel hose removed (para 2-23).    Cotter pin (Item 22, Appendix F) a. REMOVAL 1. Remove three screws (5), nut (1), and governor plate (2) from crankcase (4). 2. Remove gasket (3) from governor plate (2).  Discard gasket. 3. Remove cotter pin (6)  from  control  rack  of  injection  pump (7).  Discard cotter pin. 4. Remove  end  of  governor  lever  (8)  from  control  rack  of injection pump (7). 3-50


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