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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-19.   FLOW CONTROL VALVE ADJUSTMENT (continued). NOTE If  fuel  comes  out  of  spill  device  outlet  before  the  dimension  specified  on  engine data plate is reached, fuel quantity is set too low.  If no fuel comes out of the spill device outlet at the specified dimension, fuel quantity is set too high. h. If fuel quantity is incorrect, loosen nut on flow control valve (24).  Turn knob to the right to increase fuel quantity or to the left to decrease fuel quantity. i. Tighten nut and repeat steps g and h until fuel quantity is correct. j. Close  fuel  shutoff  valve  (refer  to  technical  manual for vehicle). k. Remove rubber band (20) from governor lever pad (21)   and   screw   (18).      Remove   screw   (18)   from crankcase (14). 3-63


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