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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-20.   INJECTION PUMP TEST. This Task Covers: Test Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Equipment Conditions:    Fuel-test set (Item 12, Appendix G)    Airflow deflectors removed as needed (para 2-24).    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive (Item 15, Appendix G)    Wrench (Item 36, Appendix G) TEST a. Remove  fuel  pressure  pipe  clamp  and  fuel  pressure  pipe  assembly  from  fuel  injector  on  flywheel  side  of  engine (para 2-23). b. Remove fuel injector from flywheel side of engine (para 3-14). c. Install  extension  tube  (4),  tube  assembly  (5),  and  indicator  dial  (1)  from  fuel-test  set  on  flywheel-side  port  (2)  of injection pump (3). WARNING Fuel   spray   on   hot   components   is   an   extreme   fire   hazard.      Control   leakage immediately, to prevent serious injury to personnel. d. Crank    engine    and    observe    indicator    dial    (1). Reading  should  be  between  250  and  258  bars.    If reading  is  incorrect,  replace  injection  pump  (para 3-15). e. Remove indicator dial (1), tube  assembly  (5),  and extension  tube  (4)  from  flywheel  side  port  (2)  of injection pump (3). f. Install fuel injector on engine (para 3-14). g. Install    fuel    pressure    pipe    assembly    and    fuel pressure pipe clamp (para 2-23). h. Repeat steps a through g for port on auxiliary drive side of injection pump. FOLLOW-ON TASKS:   Install airflow deflectors (para 2-24). 3-65


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