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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-22. ENGINE SPEED ADJUSTMENT. This Task Covers: Adjustment Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Personnel Required:    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive Two (Item 15, Appendix G)    Mechanical hand-held tachometer (Item 18, Appendix G) ADJUSTMENT NOTE Engine speed is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). a. Start engine and let it run until warm. b. Have an assistant hold a hand-held mechanical tachometer on end of crankshaft (1) on flywheel side of engine. c. The rpm reading  on  tachometer  should  be  2200±50  rpm.    If  it  is  not,  loosen  two  nuts  (2)  and  turn  two  adjusting screws (3) to move speed control lever (4), while assistant watches tachometer gage, until correct rpm reading is reached.  Moving speed control lever (4) to the left will decrease engine speed; moving speed control lever (4) to the right will increase engine speed. d. Hold two adjusting screws (3) in place and tighten two nuts (2). e. Recheck engine speed by repeating steps b through d. FOLLOW-ON TASKS: None 3-69


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