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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 1-7. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS (continued). lb, LB pound MAC maintenance allocation chart min minimum, minute mm millimeter MTOE Modified Table of Organization and Equipment NIIN national item identification number N.m newton. meter NSN national stock number OZ ounce p. page Pam pamphlet para paragraph psi pounds per square inch qt, QT quart rpm revolutions per minute RPSTL repair parts and special tools list SF standard form SMR source, maintenance, and recoverability TC technical circular TM technical manual TMDE test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment TU tube U/M unit of measure 1-8. WARRANTY INFORMATION. The Diesel Engine Assembly, Hatz 2 G 40, is not covered by a warranty. 1-9. SAFETY, CARE, AND HANDLING. For  information  on  general  safety  precautions  and  regulations,  review  the  warning  summary  and  the  safety  summary  at the beginning of this manual.  In addition, observe all warnings and cautions that appear in the maintenance procedures. 1-10. CORROSION PREVENTION AND CONTROL. a. Corrosion  prevention  and  control  (CPC)  of  Army  materiel  is  a  continuing  concern.    It  is  important  that  any corrosion problem be reported so it can be corrected and improvements can be made to prevent the problem in the future. b. While  corrosion  is  typically  associated   with   the   rusting   of   metals,   it   can   also   include   deterioration   of   other materials,   such   as   rubber   and   plastic.      Unusual   cracking,   softening,   swelling,   or   breaking   of   materials   may indicate a corrosion problem. c. If a corrosion problem is identified, it  can  be  reported  using  an  SF  Form  368.    The  use  of  key  words,  such  as "corrosion,"  "rust,"  "deterioration,"  or  "cracking,"  will  ensure  that  the  information  is  identified  as  a  CPC  problem. The form should be submitted to the address specified in DA Pam 738-750. 1-3


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