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TM 9-2815-250-24&P C-3. EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS (SECTIONS II AND III). a. ITEM NO.  [Column (1)].  Indicates the number used to identify items called out in the illustration. b. SMR CODE [Column (2)].    The  SMR  code  is  a  five-position  code  containing  supply/requisitioning  information, maintenance category authorization criteria, and disposition instruction, as shown in the following breakout: Source Maintenance Recoverability Code Code Code XX 1st two XX X positions How you get an item. 3d position 4th position 5th position Who can install, Who can do Who determines replace or use complete repair disposition action the item (see note) on on an  unservice- the item. able item. * Complete Repair.  Maintenance capacity, capability, and authority to perform all corrective maintenance tasks of the Repair function in a use/user environment in order to restore serviceability to a failed item. (1) Source Code.  The source code tells you how to get an item needed for maintenance, repair, or overhaul of an end item/equipment.  Explanations of source codes follow: Code PA PB PC PD PE PF PG KD KF KB MO - Made at UNIT/AVUM Level MF - Made at DS/AVUM Level MH - Made at GS Level MD - Made at Depot AO - Assembled by UNIT/A VUM Level AF - Assembled by DS/AVUM Level AH - Assembled by GS Level AD - Assembled at Depot Application/Explanation Stocked Items; use the applicable NSN to request/requisition items with these source  codes.    They  are  authorized  to  the  category  indicated  by  the  code entered in the third position of the SMR code. **Items coded PC are subject to deterioration. Items  with  these  codes  are  not  to  be  requested/requisitioned  individually. They are part of a kit that is authorized to the maintenance category indicated in the third position of the SMR code.  The complete kit must be requisitioned and applied. Items  with  these  codes  are  not  to  be  requested/requisitioned  individually. They must be made from bulk material that is identified by the part number in the DESCRIPTION AND USABLE ON CODE (UOC) column and listed in the bulk  material  group  of  the  repair  parts  list  in  this  RPSTL.    If  the  item  is authorized to you by the third-position code of the SMR code, but the source code indicates it is made at a higher level, order the item from the higher level of maintenance. Items  with  these  codes  are  not  to  be  requested/requisitioned  individually. The   parts   that   make   up   the   assembled   item   must   be   requisitioned   or fabricated and assembled at the level of maintenance indicated by the source code.    If  the  third-position  code  of  the  SMR  code  authorizes  you  to  replace the item, but the source code indicates that the item is assembled at a higher level, order the item from the higher level of maintenance. C-2


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