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TM 9-2815-250-24&P C-4. EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS (SECTION IV). a. National Stock Number (NSN) Index. (1) STOCK NUMBER Column.    This  column  lists  the  NSN  by  NIN  sequence.    The  NUN  consists  of  the  last nine digits of the NSN (i.e., NSN 5305-01-674-1467).  When using this column to locate an item, ignore the first four digits NIIN of the NSN.  However, the complete NSN should be used when ordering items by stock number. (2) FIG.  Column.  This column lists the number of the figure where the item is identified/located.  The figures are in numerical order in Section II and Section IIIl. (3) ITEM Column.    The  item  number  identifies  the  item  associated  with  the  figure  listed  in  the  adjacent  FIG. column.  This item is also identified by the NSN listed on the same line. b. Part Number Index.  Part numbers in this index are listed by part number in ascending alphanumeric sequence (i.e.,  vertical  arrangement  of  letter  and  number  combination  that  places  the  first  letter  or  digit  of  each  group  in order A through Z, followed by the numbers O through 9 and each following letter or digit in like order). (1) CAGEC   Column.      The   CAGEC   is   a   five-digit   alphanumeric   code   used   to   identify   the   manufacturer, distributor, or Government agency, etc., that supplies the item. (2) PART  NUMBER  Column.      Indicates   the   primary   number   used   by   the   manufacturer   (individual,   firm, corporation, or Government activity), which controls the design and characteristics of the item by means of its engineering drawings, specifications standards, and inspection requirements, to identify an item or range of items. (3) STOCK NUMBER Column.   This  column  lists  the  NSN  for  the  associated  part  number  and  manufacturer identified in the PART NUMBER and CAGEC columns to the left. (4) FIG.  Column.  This column lists the number of the figure where the item is identified/located in Section II and Section III. (5) ITEM Column.  The item number is that number assigned to the item as it appears in the figure referenced in the adjacent figure number column. C-5. SPECIAL INFORMATION. a. Usable-on Code.  Not applicable. b. Fabrication Instructions.   Not applicable. c. Assembly Instructions.   Not applicable. d. Kits.   Not applicable. e. Index Numbers  Not applicable. C-6


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