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TM 9-2815-250-24&P Section III.  PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION 1-14. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION. The Diesel Engine Assembly, Hatz 2 G 40, is an internal combustion power unit that converts heat energy to work energy inside the cylinders.  This particular engine has a four-stroke cycle.  A four-stroke engine completes one cycle every other time the piston goes up and down (up being one stroke, down being the return stroke).    The  first  stroke  is  intake;  the  piston  goes  down  in  the  cylinder  and  the  intake  valve  opens,  allowing  air  to flow into the cylinder.    The second stroke is compression; the piston comes up and both valves close, so the air in the cylinder is compressed.  While the air is compressed, the fuel injector releases a spray of fuel into the cylinder.    The compression heats the air enough to ignite the fuel.    The third stroke is power; the fuel burns, forcing the piston down.    The  fourth  stroke  is  exhaust;  the  piston  comes  up  in  the  cylinder  and  the  exhaust  valve  opens,  allowing exhaust gas to escape. 1-9/(1-10 blank)


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