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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 2-17.  ROCKER ARM COVER AND O-RING REPLACEMENT. This Task Covers: a.  Removal b.  Installation Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Materials/Parts:    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive    Grease, automotive (Item 5, Appendix D) (Item 15, Appendix G)    O-ring (Item 33, Appendix F)    Washer (2) (Item 29, Appendix F) NOTE The  Diesel  Engine  Assembly  has  two  rocker  arm  covers.    Use  this  procedure  to remove either one. a. REMOVAL 1. Remove   two   screws   (1)   and   washers   (2)   from rocker    arm    cover    (3)    and    cylinder    head    (5). Discard washers. 2. Remove  rocker  arm  cover  (3)  from  cylinder  head (5). 3. Remove   O-ring   (4)   from   groove   in   rocker   arm cover (3).  Discard O-ring. b. INSTALLATION 1. Lightly  coat  new  O-ring  (4)  with  grease  and  install in groove in rocker arm cover (3). 2. Install rocker arm cover(3) on cylinder head (5). 3. Install   two   screws   (1)   and   new   was hers   (2)   on rockerarm cover(3) and cylinder head (5). FOLLOW-ON TASKS: None 2-9


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