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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-4. MOUNTING PLATES REPLACEMENT (continued). c. INSTALLATION 1. Apply light coat of grease to new seal (4).  Install seal (4) on mounting plate (2) with lip facing inward. 2. Apply sealing compound (Item 10, Appendix D) to inside surface  of  mounting  plate  (2)  that  will  come  in  contact with crankcase (1). CAUTION Use  extreme  caution  not  to  damage  new  seal  when  installing  mounting  plate  on crankcase. 3. Install mounting plate (2) on crankcase (1) and secure with four screws (3). NOTE Use marks made during removal to install engine mounting plate correctly. 4. Apply   sealing   compound   (Item   12,   Appendix   D)   to   eight   screws   (6).      Install   engine   mounting   plate   (5)   on crankcase (1) and secure with eight new lockwashers (7) and screws (6). 3-14


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