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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-7. CRANKSHAFT AND BEARINGS REPAIR. This Task Covers: a. Removal b. Inspection c. Installation Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Materials/Parts:    Crank gear driver (Item 4, Appendix G)    Lubricating oil (Item 6, Appendix D)    Crank gear puller (Item 5, Appendix G)    Sealing compound (Item 12, Appendix D)    General mechanic's tool kit (Item 14,    Crankcase gasket set (Item 1, Appendix F) Appendix G)    Sleeve bearing (3) (Item 34, Appendix F)    Relief valve puller (Item 23, Appendix G)    Screwdriver attachment, 8 mm (Item 25, Equipment Conditions: Appendix G)    Crankcase disassembled (para 3-6).    Socket wrench set, 3/8-inch drive (Item 27,    Camshaft removed (para 3-11). Appendix G) a. REMOVAL 1. Remove   seal   (3)   from   auxiliary   drive   end   of crankshaft (2).  Discard seal. CAUTION To  prevent  warping,  crankshaft  must be placed standing up in flywheel. 2. Remove   crankshaft   (2)   from   lower   crankcase (5). 3. Remove   three   sleeve   bearing   halves   (4)   from three upper crank supports (9) (upper crankcase),   and   remove   three   sleeve   bearing halves  (4)  from  three  lower  crank  supports  (6) (lower    crankcase).        Discard    sleeve    bearing halves. 4. Remove    flow    control    valve    (8)    from    lower crankcase (5). 5. Using  crank  gear  puller,  remove  crank  gear  (1) from crankshaft (2). 6. Using  relief  valve  puller,  remove  relief  valve  (7) from lower crankcase (5). 3-26


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