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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-9. PISTON AND COMBUSTION CHAMBER LINER REPAIR (continued). CAUTION Each connecting rod and connecting rod cap is stamped with a number, and each also  has  a  notch  on  one  side.    Each  connecting  rod  cap  must  be  installed  on  the connecting rod stamped with the same number and with the notches on the same side. 4. Using   the   numbers   stamped   on   the   two   connecting   rods   (1)   and   connecting   rod   caps   (5),   loosely   install connecting rod cap (5) and two screws (6) on each connecting rod (1), making sure the notches are on the same side. 5. Loosen screw (7) on bracket (8) and clamping sheet (10).  Remove bracket (8) and clamping sheet (10) by lifting them straight up until they are free of two studs (13). 6. Remove two cap-plugs (11) and four cap-plugs (12) from eight studs (13).  Discard cap-plugs. 7. Remove two shims (9) from crankcase (3).  Discard shims. 3-33


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