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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-9. PISTON AND COMBUSTION CHAMBER LINER REPAIR (continued). e. INSTALLATION 1. Install two new shims (9) on crankcase (3). 2. Install two new cap-plugs (11) and four new cap-plugs (12) on eight studs (13). 3. Install bracket (8) and clamping sheet (10) on two studs (13).  Tighten screw (7) to secure. NOTE There are two pistons and combustion chamber liners on the engine.  Follow steps 4 through 9 for each of them. 4. Apply light coat of lubricating oil to three piston  rings  (14)  and  piston  (15).    Clamp  piston  ring  compressor  over piston rings (14).  Tighten piston ring compressor. 5. Install combustion chamber liner (2) in crankcase (3).  Make sure notched corners on combustion chamber liner (2) are facing injection-pump side of engine. 6. Turn crankshaft (4) so crankshaft journal for piston to be installed is at the bottom of crankcase (3). 3-36


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