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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-11.   CAMSHAFT REPAIR (continued). 7. Install key (23) on camshaft (16).  Using arbor press, install camshaft gear (4) on camshaft (16), making sure timing marks  on  camshaft  gear  (4)  are  facing  toward  near  end  of  camshaft  (16).    Press  camshaft  gear(4)  onto  camshaft (16) until camshaft gear (4) seats against retaining ring (22). 8. Slide spacer (18) and washer (17) toward camshaft gear (4).  Install new retaining ring (24) in groove on camshaft (16). 9. Install mounting plate (20) on camshaft gear (4) and secure with three screws (21) and nuts (19). 10. Set  upper  crankcase  (15)  on  end  on  work  surface  with  opening  for  camshaft  (16)  facing  up.    Install  camshaft assembly  (5)  in  upper  crankcase  (15):    Position  the  timing  marks  on  camshaft  gear  (4)  in  the  12  o'clock  position, and insert camshaft assembly (5) into bearing bore.  When the first cam lobe drops down behind bearing bore, turn camshaft  gear  (4)  counterclockwise  until  timing  marks  are  in  the  10  o'clock  position;  insert  camshaft  assembly  (5) the rest of the way. 11. Lay upper crankcase (15) on work surface.  Install two new O-rings (7) on governor control lever assembly pin (6). 12. Position governor control lever assembly (3) in upper crankcase (15). 3-44


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