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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Section I.  GENERAL INFORMATION 1-1.  SCOPE. 1-1.1.  Type of Manual.  This manual contains unit, direct support and general support maintenance instructions for the Model    DN2M    Diesel    Engine,    hereafter    referred    to    as    engine.        Also    included    are    descriptions    of    major systems/components and their functions in relation to other systems/components. 1-1.2.  Purpose of Equipment.  The engine provides a driving force for generators or other equipment requiring this size (12 HP) and compatibility. 1-2.  MAINTENANCE FORMS.  RECORDS AND REPORTS. 1-2.1.  Reports of Maintenance and Unsatisfactory Equipment.  Department of the Army forms and procedures used for equipment  maintenance  will  be  those  prescribed  by  DA  Pam  738-750,  the  Army  Maintenance  Management  System (TAMMS).  Air Force personnel will use AFR 66-1, Maintenance Management Policy, for maintenance reporting and TO- 00-35D54 for unsatisfactory equipment reporting. 1-2.2.  Reporting of Item and Packaging Discrepancies.  Fill out and forward SF 364, Report of Discrepancy (ROD), as prescribed in AR 735-11-2/DLAR 414-55/SECNAVINST 4355.1 8/AFR 400-54/MCO 4430.3J. 1-2.3.   Transportation  Discrepancy  Report  (TDR)  (SF  361).    Fill  out  and  forward  Transportation  Discrepancy  Report (TDR) (SF 361) as prescribed in AR 55-38/NAVSUPINST 4610.33C/AFR-75-18/MCO P4610.19D/DLAR 4500.15. 1-3.  REPORTING EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS (FIR). 1-3.1.  Army.  If your Military Standard Engine needs improvement, let us know.  Send us an EIR.  You, the user, are the only  one  who  can  tell  us  what  you  don't  like  about  your  equipment.    Let  us  know  why  you  don't  like  the  design  or performance.    Put  it  on  an  SF  368  (Product  Quality  Deficiency  Report).    Mail  it  to  us  at:    Commander,  U.S.    Army Aviation  and  Troop  Command,  ATTN:    AMSAT-I-MDO,  4300  Goodfellow  Boulevard,  St.    Louis,  Missouri  63120-1798. We will send you a reply. 1-3.2.  Air Force.  Air Force personnel are encouraged to submit EIR's in accordance with AFR 900-4. 1-4.  DESTRUCTION OF ARMY MATERIEL TO PREVENT ENEMY USE. Refer to TM 750-244-3 for procedures to destroy equipment to prevent enemy use. 1-5.  PREPARATION FOR STORAGE OR SHIPMENT, Refer to TB 740-97-2 for procedures to place the equipment into storage. 1-6.  WARRANTY. The engine is warranted for a specific period of time.  Refer to the end item warranty technical bulletin.  The warranty starts  on  the  date  found  in  block  23,  DA  Form  2408-9,  in  the  equipment  log  book.    Report  all  defects  in  material  or workmanship to your supervisor, who will take appropriate action. 1-1


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