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ARMY TM 92815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 CAUTION Under no circumstances must any attempt be made to remove fuel pump tappet stud from crankcase, to prevent damage to engine block. c. If tappet (7, FIGURE 3-7) and thrust cup (8) were removed, install them as follows: (1)   Tappet is installed in crankcase using long nosed pliers held open against top inside edge of tappet recess. (2)   Submerge tappet in clean engine lubricating oil (MIL-L-2104). (3)   Insert tappet in crankcase with longer slot facing outward to ensure it is correctly located over tappet stud, refer to FIGURE 3-8.  Install thrust cup (8, FIGURE 3-7). FIGURE 3-8.  Fuel Pump Tappet and Stud d. Press down on top of thrust cup (8) and fuel pump tappet (7) and slowly turn crankshaft until fuel pump tappet is felt to be at its lowest position. e. Remove gear end cover, refer to paragraph 3-28.1.  and remove rack spring (15, FIGURE 3-19.) from governor lever. f. Using fuel pump rack setting gage (317-50114), clamp pump rack in shutdown position.  Screw on gage threads into end cover tapped hole, refer to FIGURE 3-9. FIGURE 3-9.  Setting Pump Rack 3-25


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