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ARMY TM 92815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 b. Disconnect fuel return hose (5) from injector (8). c. Remove bolt (6) securing clamp (7); remove clamp. d. Remove fuel injector (8) from cylinder head. e. Remove injector copper sealing washer (9) from cylinder head taking care not to damage seating area. f. Cover all openings. 3-1 7.2.   Inspection. a. Check nozzle body and nozzle needle for damage or deformation.  If damaged or deformed, replace fuel injector nozzle. b. Inspect threaded components for thread damage and replace as necessary. 3-17.3.  Test a. Attach fuel injector to a fuel injector tester.   Point fuel injector into a clear container. 3-31


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