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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 ac.  Connect spring (15) to bushing and hole on governor lever (6). ad.  Install droop adjust screw (14) in governor lever (6) and install retainer (2), shim (13), and pin (12).  Turn screw (24) fully counterclockwise. ae.  Install two thrust washers (1 and 2, FIGURE 3-20) and sleeve (3) on camshaft. 3-23.3.  Inspection. a.  Inspect all external components for corrosion. b.  Inspect all threaded components for thread damage and rounded comers on hex heads. c.  Inspect all springs for broken coils, distortion, or missing ends. d.  Inspect area components for enlarged or worn holes. e.  Inspect area bushings for scores or other damage. 3-23.4.  Installation. a.    Carefully  install  governor  lever  (6,  FIGURE  3-19)  assembly  onto  camshaft  and  use  care  to  ensure  that flywheel end of fuel pump rack is located in its housing. b.  If removed, install pivot retainer (7 and 10) on upper and lower pivot pins (4 and 8). c.  Secure governor lever (6) to lower pivot support (5) using pivot pin (4).  Connect spring (3) to pivot pin (4). d.  Install top pivot pin (8) through upper pivot support (9) and into governor lever (6).  Be sure to use original end play shims (11). NOTE Long loop of speeder spring (1) connects to retainer (2). e.  Connect speeder spring (1) to retainer (2) and lever (29). f.  Check governor end play, refer to paragraph 3-23.5., step a. g.  Install gear end cover, refer to paragraph 3-28.3. h.  Install fuel injection pumps, refer to paragraph 3-13.4. i.  Perform governor system adjustments, refer to paragraph 3-23.5., steps b, c, and d. 3-23.5.  Adjustment. a.  Adjust govemor lever (6, FIGURE 3-19) assembly end play as follows: (1)  Move lever assembly (6) until it abuts against top pivot support (9).  Check that it falls freely under its own weight. (2)  Check governor lever (6) assembly end play.  Add or remove 0.0098 in.  (0.25 mm) shims (11), at top pivot support (9) to obtain an end play of 0.0039 to 0.0118 in.  (0.1 to 0.33 mm) NOTE Adjustments in steps b thru d must be done with gear end cover installed. b.  Adjust control lever (25) setting as follows: (1)  Turn control lever (25) counterclockwise into stop position. (2)  Adjust upper capscrew (17) until it just touches curved part of lever (25) and lock it in this position with nut (16). (3)  Move lever (25) clockwise to run position and make appropriate 'G' setting. c.  Make governor 'G' setting as follows: NOTE 3-44


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