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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 FIGURE 3-26. Checking Pinion Gap Section X.  ENGINE SUBASSEMBLY MAINTENANCE 3-25.  CYLINDER COVER. 3-25.1.  Removal.    Remove  two  nuts  (1,  FIGURE  3-27)  and  preformed  packings  (2)  securing  each  valve  cover  (3)  to cylinder head; remove cover (3) and gasket (4).  Discard gasket (4) and preformed packings (2). 3-25.2.  Inspection. a.  Inspect cover for cracks, dents, or any other damage. b.  Inspect nuts for rounded hex corners or thread damage. 3-25.3.  Installation a.  Remove any traces of old gasket from cylinder head and valve covers (3, FIGURE 3-27) mating surfaces. b.  Ensure mating surfaces are clean and dry. c.    Position  each  valve  cover  (3)  with  new  gasket  (4)  on  cylinder  head  and  secure  with  two  nuts  (1)  and  new preformed packings (2).  Tighten nuts (1) to 78 in-lbs (8.8 Nm). 3-23.  ROCKER LEVER. 3-26.1.  Removal. a.  Remove cylinder covers, refer to paragraph 3-25.1. b.  Remove nut (5, FIGURE 3-27) securing rocker lever (6) to cylinder head bolt (7); remove rocker lever. c.  Remove pushrod (9). d.  Repeat steps b and c for remaining rocker levers and pushrods. e.  Do not remove cylinder head bolt (7) and spacer (8) unless damaged or cylinder head is being removed. 3-26.2.  Inspect and Measure. a.  Check pushrod (9, FIGURE 3-27) as follows: (1 ) Lay pushrod on a surface plate. 3-52


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