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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 d. Submerge piston and piston rings in clean engine lubricating oil (MIL-L-2104). e. Fit piston and rod into cylinder while compressing piston rings using a suitable piston ring compressor. f. Push down on piston crown and turn crankshaft counterclockwise until big end is almost at Bottom Dead Center (BDC). g. Ensure identification marks on the cap and rod are identical and on the camshaft side of the engine and replace cap. h. Install two bolts (1) and tighten them to 222 in-lbs (25 Nm). i. If removed, attach oil pressure relief valve and oil strainer to oil pump. j. Install cylinder head, refer to paragraph 3-27.6. k. Install crankcase door, refer to paragraph 3-20.2.4. 3-31. FLYWHEEL HOUSING. 3-31.1.   Removal. a. Remove starter, refer to paragraph 3-24.1. b. Remove flywheel, refer to end item maintenance manual. c. Scribe a mark on flywheel housing (1, FIGURE 3-38) and crankcase. d. Support  weight  of  flywheel  housing  (1)  and  remove  four  capscrews  (2)  securing  flywheel  housing;  remove housing. 3-31.2.   Installation. a. Position  flywheel  housing  (1,  FIGURE  3-38)  on  crankcase  aligning  scribe  marks  made  during  removal  and secure with four capscrews (2).  Tighten capscrews to 58 ft-lbs (78.6 Nm). b. Install flywheel, refer to end item maintenance manual. c. Install starter, refer to paragraph 3-24.6. 3-71


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