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ARMY TM 9-2815-252-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-92-2 NOTE Ensure tube is fully seated and not in housing capscrew head recess. e. With an inlet manifold bolt inserted in center bearing locating tube (1), insert tube through crankcase wall and into center bearing housing (13). f. Remove bolt from tube. g. Install rear main bearing housing (3) and oil seal (6), refer to paragraph 3-32.2. h. Check that crankshaft (10) is free to rotate. i. Install key (9) on gear end of crankshaft. WARNING Use care to prevent serious burns when handling pinion gear (8). CAUTION Insufficient   heat   or   delay   in   Installation   could   well   cause   pinion   to   become   Jammed   on crankshaft, whereas overheating may cause softening of pinion. j. Heat crankshaft pinion gear (8) to a straw yellow color (460°  F [238°C]) and install it on crankshaft ensuring that 'O' mark is facing outward. k. Install pistons and connecting rods, refer to paragraph 3-30.4. I. Install camshaft, refer to paragraph 3-29.3. m. Install flywheel housing, refer to paragraph 3-31.2. n. Install gear end cover, refer to paragraph 3-28.3. 3-34. CRANKCASE ASSEMBLY. 3-34.1.  Removal.  Remove crankshaft, refer to paragraph 3-33.1. 3-34.2.  Repair. a. If damaged, remove two capscrews (1, FIGURE 3-43) and copper washers (2). b. If damaged, remove two pivot supports (3). c. Using camshaft bushing tool (317-50106), remove camshaft bushing (4) as follows: (1) Install guide into bushing (4) from inside crankcase. (2) Install slide hammer onto guide threads. WARNING Care must be taken to ensure that any part of hand Is not likely to become trapped between two parts of slide hammer while it Is being used. (3) Use slide hammer to remove bushing (4). d. Using main bearing tool (317-50111), remove crankshaft main bearing (5) as follows: (1) Place bolt through plain dolly, refer to FIGURE 3-41. (2) Install bolt and dolly into bearing (5, FIGURE 3-43) from oil seal side (crankcase outside face). 3-79


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