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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24 AIR   FORCE   TO   38G1-94-2 e. Support oil pan and remove thirty screws (5) securing oil pan. Remove oil pan (6) and gasket (6). Discard  gasket. f. If not removed, remove drain plug (8) and gasket (9). 3-17.2.    Inspection. a. Inspect  dipstick  (1,  FIGURE  3-40)  for  legibility.  Replace  if  damaged. b. Inspect gasket (2) for deterioration and replace as necessary. c. Inspect oil pan (6 for cracks, dents, or other damage. Replace if damaged. 3-17.3.    Installation. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. Wipe  crankcase  flange  and  oil  pan  flange  and  remove  any  traces  of  oil  pan  gasket  or  liquid gasket. Apply an even coat of sealing compound (FORMAGASKET2) to crankcase flange. Affix  new  gasket  (7,  FIGURE  3-40)  to  crankcase  flange. Remove screw (3) and washer (4) securing tube. Position oil pan (6) and install all thirty screws (5) hand-tight. Tighten screws to 72 in-lbs (8.1 Nm) starting at point ‘A’ and ‘B’ alternately and work in a counterclockwise direction from each of these points until all thirty screws are tightened. Install  screw  (3)  and  washer  (4)  secunig  tube.  Tighten  to  168  in-lbs  (19  Nm). Install oil drain plug (8) with new gasket (9). Install dipstick (1) and new gasket (2). Connect PCV hose. Service  lubrication  system,  refer  to  end  item  maintenance  manual. Operate engine and check for leaks. 3-74 Change 2


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