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ARMY  TM  9-2815-254-24 AIR   FORCE   TO   38G1-94-2 3-21.   INTAKE  AND  EXHAUST  MANIFOLDS. 3-21.1.  Removal. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Remove air intake and exhaust piping, refer to end item maintenance manual. NOTE The intake and exhaust manifold must be removed as an assembly. Remove  two  bolts  (3,  FIGURE  3-45)  seven  nuts  (4)  lockwashers  (5)  and  washers  (6)  securing intake manifold (7) and exhaust manifold (8). Remove two spacers and angle bracket, refer to end item maintenance manual. Remove clamp (1) and hose (2) to intake manifold. Remove  intake  manifold  (7)  exhaust  manifold  (8)  and  gasket  (9).  Discard  lockwashers  (5)  and gasket (14). Remove  two  nuts  (10),  lockwashers  (11),  and  washers  (12)  securing  inlet  pipe  (13)  to  intake manifold (5). Remove intake pipe and gasket (14). Discard lockwashers (11) and gasket (14). If damaged, remove studs (15 and 16). 3-21.2.    Inspection. a. Inspect manifolds for cracks, corrosion, or other damage. Replace if damaged. b. Inspect attaching hardware (bolts, studs, and nuts) for thread damage. Replace if damaged. 3-21.3.    Installation. a. If  removed,  install  studs  (15  and  16,  FIGURE  345). b. Position new gasket (14) and inlet pipe (13) on intake manifold (7) and secure with two nuts (10), new  lo&washers  (11)  and  washers  (12). 3-82


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