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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24 AIR  FORCE  TO  35G1-94-2 SECTION   VIII.   ELECTRICAL   SYSTEM 3-22.   GLOW   PLUGS. 3-22.1.    Removal. a. Loosen nuts on glow plugs and remove connector (1, FIGURE 3-46). b. Remove glow plugs (2). 3-22.2.    Inspection. a. Inspect  electrical  leads  for  cracks,  deterioration,  cuts,  corrosion,  or  other  damage.  Replace  if damaged. b. Inspect glow plugs for damage to threads or corrosion. Replace if damaged. NOTE Always replace all four glow plugs as a set. Never replace just one glow plug. 3-22.3.  Testing. a. Disconnect connector (1) from glow plug. b. Set multimeter for ohms and connect one lead of multimeter to glow plug terminal and other lead to body. c. Normal  resistance  of  glow  plug  is  4.4  to  4.8  ohms.  If  reading  is  zero,  glow  plug  is  shorted.  If reading is high, glow plug is open. If shorted or open, replace glow plug. 3-22.4.    Installation. a. Install four glow plugs (2, FIGURE 3-46) in cylinder head. Tighten to 168 in-lbs (19.9 Nm). b. Install connector (1) by tightening nuts on glow plugs. 3-23.  STARTER  ASSEMBLY. 3-23.1. Removal. a. Tag and disconnect electrical leads from starter. 3-85


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