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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24 AIR  FORCE  TO  38G1-94-2 FIGURE  3-46.  Glow  Plugs  Assembly b. Support  weight  of  starter  and  remove  two  nuts  (1,  FIGURE  3-47)  lockwashers  (2)  and  washers (3).  Remove  starter  from  flywheel  housing. c.   Cover   opening   in   flywheel. 3-23.2.     Disassembly. a. Benchmark gear case (23, FIGURE 3-47), field coil (24) and housing (11) to aid in aligning parts during  assembly. b. Disconnect  field  coil  connecting  wire  from  terminal  on  magnetic  switch  (5). c. Remove two bolts (4) securing magnetic switch (5) to gear case (23); remove magnetic switch. d.   Remove   two   screws   (6). e. Remove  two  bolts  (9)  and  washers  (10). 3-86  Change  2


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