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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24 AIR  FORCE  TO  35G1-94-2 NOTE If housing (11) is difficult to separate from field coil (24) tap lightly with plastic mallet. f. Remove housing (11) from field coil (24). g. Remove  positive  brushes  (12)  (attached  to  field  coil)  from  brush  holder  (15)  by  raising  brush spring (13) and removing brush from holder. h. Raise  springs  (13)  on  negative  brushes  (14).  Raise  negative  brushes  part  way  off  commutator and hold in this position by setting spring against brush. i. Remove brusher holder (15). NOTE Note installation of shift fork (20) to aid in assembly. j. Remove nut (16) lockwasher (17) and stud (19) securing shift fork (20) in gear case (23). k. Remove dust covers (21 and 22). I. Remove gear case (23). m.  Remove  shift  fork  (20). n.  Remove  field  coil  (24). NOTE To  remove  pinion  stopper  (26)  move  stopper  toward  armature  to expose  retainer  ring. o. Remove  washer  (25)  pinion  stopper  (26)  and  clutch  (27)  from  armature  shaft  (18). p. Remove bracket (28) with center metal (29) from armature shaft. NOTE Note from which end of shaft washers (7 and 30) come. q. Remove thrust washers (7 and 30) from armature shaft. Change  2  3-87


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