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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24 AIR  FORCE  TO  35G1-94-2 i. Position brush holder (15). Use care not to damage negative brushes (14). j. Lift springs (13) on negative brushes (14) and let brushes rest on commutator. Release springs to apply tension on brushes. k. Lift  springs  (13)  and  insert  positive  brushes  (12)  into  brush  holders.  Release  springs  to  apply tension on brushes. I. Position  housing  (11)  on  field  coil  and  armature.  Align  benchmarks  made  during  disassembly. Secure with two bolts (9) and washers (10). m.  Install  two  screws  (6). n. Position magnetic switch (5) in gear case (23) and secure with two bolts (4). o. Connect field coil connecting wire to terminal on magnetic switch (5). 3-23.6.   Installation. a. Position starter on flywheel housing engaging clutch (27, FIGURE 3-47) gear teeth with flywheel ring  gear. Secure  starter  to  flywheel  housing  with  two  nuts  (1)  new  lockwashers  (2)  and washers (3). b. Connect electrical leads to starter as tagged during removal. c. Start engine and check for proper operation. 3-24.    ALTERNATOR. 3-24.1.  Battery  Charging  Alternator  Test  (Installed) a. Check  for  battery  voltage  on  alternator  between  terminals  “BAT”  and  “R”  and  ground  with  the master switch (S1) in the Prime Run Position (Note Voltage). b.  Start  Gen  Set  operator  and  recheck  voltage  on  alternator  terminal  Pos  Bat  and  ground  for 28 + 2 VDC. 3-24.2.   Removal. a. Tag and disconnect electrical leads from alternator. b. Loosen screw (1, FIGURE 349) and two nuts (4). Pivot alternator to relieve tension on fan belt and remove fan belt from pulley (13). c. Remove screw (1) and washer (2) securing alternator to bracket (7). Change  2  3-93


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