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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 f. Check stator as follows: (1)   Connect multimeter to each set of stator leads and check for continuity. Standard stator coil resistance is 0.402 ohms. If there is no continuity, stator coil is open and stator must be replaced. (2)   Connect  multimeter  from  stator  lead  to  stator  frame.  If  there  is  continuity,  stator  core  is  shorted  to  ground and stator must be replaced. g. Check rectifier as follows: (1)   Check  positive  side  diodes  by  connecting  multimeter  positive  test  probe  to  each  stator  terminal  and  nega- tive  test  probe  to  BAT  terminal.  There  should  be  no  continuity.  Reverse  test  probes.  There  should  be  con- tinuity. (2)   Check  negative  side  diodes  by  connecting  multimeter  positive  test  probe  to  each  stator  terminal  and  neg- ative  test  probe  to  terminal  E.  There  should  be  continuity.  Reverse  test  probes.  There  should  be  no  conti- nuity. (3)   If any diode is found to be bad, replace rectifier. 3-24.5.  Assembly. a. When soldering leads, use solder (SN60WRAP2), a 572 to 662°F (300 to 350°C) soldering iron (gun), and complete  each  solder  joint  within  5  seconds.  Use  long  nosed  pliers  or  equivalent  to  allow  for  heat  dissipation. b. Connect regulator (29, FIGURE 3-49) to brush assembly (28) and solder all connections. c. Press bolts (27) into brush assembly (28) and regulator (29). Pressure required is 221 Ibs (100 kg). d. Connect rectifier (26) to brush assembly (28) and solder all connections. e. Connect stator leads to rectifier (26) and solder all connections. f. Mate stator (25) with end cover (24) aligning benchmarks. 3-97


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