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ARMY  TM  9-2815-254-24 AIR  FORCE  TO  38G1-94-2 (2)   Insert  a  0.018  in.  (0.45  mm)  feeler  gage  between  rocker  arm  and  end  of  valve  stem. (3)  Turn  adjusting  screw  (20)  until  a  slight  drag  is  felt  on  feeler  gage. (4)  Tighten  nut  (19). f. Rotate crankshaft 360 degrees until crankshaft pulley TDC fine is aligned with timing pointer. g. Adjust valve clearance for rocker arms shown in View B of FIGURE 3-59 as described in step e. h. Install rocker cover (5, FIGURE 3-52) refer to paragraph 3-26.5. 3-27. CYLINDER  HEAD  ASSEMBLY. 3-27.1.  Removal. Do not drain coolant until coolant temperature is below operating tem- perature.   Scalding can occur from failure to observe this warning. a. Drain engine coolant and lubrication systems, refer to end item maintenance manual. b. Remove thermostat housing, refer to paragraph 3-6.1. c. Remove fuel injector nozzles and piping, refer to paragraph 3-10.1. d. Remove glow plugs, refer to paragraph 3-22.1. e. Remove intake and exhaust manifolds, refer to paragraph 3-21.1. f. Remove rocker cover and rocker arms, refer to paragraph 3-28.1. g. Remove eight pushrods (1, FIGURE 3-60). 3-110


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