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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 36G1-94-2 h. After hot plug has been removed, use hammer and same brass bar through hot plug hole to lightly tap lower side of heat shield (14) and drive it free. Remove heat shield (14) and washer (15). i . Remove  valve  guides  (16)  using  a  hammer  and  valve  guide  replacer  (NU-7634)  to  drive  out  guides  from  lower face of cylinder heed. j. Remove valve seat inserts (17 and 18) as follows: (1) Using MIG welder (refer to TM 9-239) weld four spots evenly spaced to inside circumference of valve seat insert. These will be used to pry insert free. (2) Allow it to cool for a few minutes which will cause contraction and make removal easier. Use care not to damage cylinder head. (3)   Use a screwdriver and pry valve seat insert free. (4)   Carefully remove carbon and other foreign material from cylinder head insert bore. 3-27.3.  Inspect  and  Measure. a. Check cylinder head lower face warpage as follows: (1)   Use a straight edge and feeler gage to measure the four sides and two diagonals of cylinder head lower face, refer to FIGURE 3-63. FIGURE  3-63.  Cylinder  Head  Inspection 3-114


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