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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 3-28.2.  Disassembly. a Clamp piston connecting rod (14, FIGURE 3-77) in a softjawed vise. Do not attempt to use some other tool to remove piston rings. Piston ring stretching will result in reduced piston ring tension. b. Use a piston ring expander to remove four piston rings (11) from piston (5). c. Remove two retainer rings (12) from piston pin (13). N O T E If piston and piston pin are to be reused, tag each piston and pin with cylinder number from which it was removed. d. Using a hammer and a brass bar, tap piston pin (13) from piston (5) e. Remove  deflector  (15)  from  crankshaft. f. Using gear puller, remove crankshaft gear (16) from crankshaft. Remove key (17). 3-28.3.  Inspect  and  Measure 3-28.3.1. Piston and Connecting Rod. a. Check piston ring and piston ring groove clearance as follows: (1)   Using a feeler gage, measure the clearance between piston ring and piston ring groove at several points around the piston, refer to FIGURE 3-80. (2)   Standard  clearance  for  the  three  compression  rings  is  0.0017  to  0.0027  in.  (0.045  to  0.070  mm).  Standard clearance for the oil ring is 0.0008 to 0.0021 in. (0.020 to 0.055 mm). The limit for clearance is 0.0059 in. (0.15 mm) (3) If clearance exceeds limit, replace piston rings. 3-131


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