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ARMY  TM  9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 (3) (4) (5) Gently rotate crankshaft  in normal direction of rotation. Read inside micrometer as you turn crankshaft. Standard run-out is 0.012 in. (0.03 mm) or less, with a limit of 0.0024 in. (0.06 mm) If measured run-out exceeds knit, replace crankshaft. FIGURE  2-85.  Crankshaft  Run-out d.  Use  a  vernier  caliper  to  measure  spead,  refer  to  FIGURE  3-86.  The  limit  for  bearing  spread  for  crank- shaft bearings is 2.93 in. (74.5 mm) and 2.22 in. (56.5 mm) for connecting rod bearing. FIGURE   3-86.   Bearing   Spread   Measurement 3-136


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