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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 n. Remove crankcase, refer to paragraph 3-29.1. o. Remove oil pump, refer to paragraph 3-18.1. p. Remove pistons and connecting rods, refer to paragraph 3-28.1 q. Remove two screws (5) at camshaft thrust plate (10). When  removing  camshaft  (6)  use  extreme  care  to  avoid  contact  be- tween  camshaft  and  engine  block.  Remove  it  slowly  and  use  both hands, otherwise, equipment damage could occur. r. Withdraw camshaft (6) from engine block using care not to damage camshaft journal, cam, and camshaft. 3-30.2.  Disassembly of Camshaft. a. Clamp camshaft (6, FIGURE 3-101) in a soft-jawed vise. b. Measure camshaft end play, refer to paragraph 3-30.3.2, step f. c. Remove bolt (7) and washer (8) from gear end of camshaft (6) d. Using a universal puller, remove gear (9) from camshaft (6) e. Remove thrust plate (10) and key (11) refer to FIGURE 3-102. FIGURE   3-102.   Thrust   Plate   Removal 3-153


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