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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 2-4.2. Extremely  cold  outside  temperatures  make  starting  the  engine  difficult.  To  improve  engine  starting,  a  cold  weather starting  aid  has  been  provided  that  features  a  glow  plug  for  each  cylinder.  The  glow  plugs  are  energized  to  preheat engine combustion air during engine preheat starting cycle. 2-5. ELECTRICAL   SYSTEM. The electrical system consists of external mounted batteries, starter, battery charging alternator, and related re- lays and switches for control of the system. Battery power supplied to the starter during the start cycle energizes the  starter  which  engages  the  ring  gear  of  the  flywheel  causing  the  engine  to  turn  over.  When  engine  start  is  com- plete,  the  starter  is  deenergized  and  disengages  from  the  flywheel.  The  battery  charging  alternator  is  belt  driven.  It is a 20 ampere, 24 VDC alternator that when operating, supplies voltage to the 24 VDC circuit and recharges the batteries and maintains them at a full state of charge. 2-2


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