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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24 AIR  FORCE  TO  38G1-94-2 CHAPTER  3 MAINTENANCE Section  I.  PREVENTIVE  MAINTENANCE  CHECKS  AND  SERVICES  (PMCS) 3-1.  PMCS  PROCEDURES. 3-1.1.    General. To ensure that engine is ready for operation at all times, it must be inspected so defects can be discovered and  corrected  before  they  result  in  serious  damage  or  failure. Perform  operator’s  PMCS  prior  to  or  in conjunction with performance of engine PMCS. For engine PMCS, refer to TABLE 3-1. Table 3-1. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) Item Interval Procedures Check Equipment is No. Item for and have Not/Ready M Q S A B H to be repaired or adjusted Available Inspected as  necessary If: 1 300 Oil  Filter Change oil filter. Refer to paragraph 3-14.1. NOTE Oil filter change inter val is a hard time replacement to be used when AOAP lab is not available. 2 750 PCV System Service PCV system. Refer to paragraph 3-20. 3 1500   Cylinder   Head Torque cylinder head Bolts bolts. Refer to paragraph 3-27.6d. 4 3000  Engine  Valve Clearances NOTE Valve clearance must be checked after cylinder head bolt tightening has been done. Refer to step 3 in this table. Adjust  engine  valve clearances. Refer to paragraph 3-26.6. Change  2  3-1


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