Quantcast Table  3-2  Troubleshooting  -  Continued

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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AlR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 Table  3-2  Troubleshooting  -  Continued MALFUNCTION TEST  OR  INSPECTION CORRECTIVE    ACTlON 13. ENGlNE  KNOCKS. Step 1. lmproper fuel injection pump timing. a. Check fuel injection pump timig. Refer to paragraph 3-13.1. lf fuel injection timing is correct, do step 2. b. Adjust fuel injection pump timing. Refer to paragraph 3-13.2. step  2. Check for defective fuel injector. a. Remove, clean, and test fuel injectors. Refer to paragraph 3-10. If not defective, do step 3. b. Replace fuel injectors. Refer to paragraph 3-10. step  3. Check for engine compression. a. Check compression. Refer to paragraph 3-27.7. b.  lf  engine  defective,  repair  or  replace  engine. 14. step  3. step  4. step  5. ENGINE  MAKES  ABNORMAL  NOISE Step  1. Check for worn or damage water pump bearing. a. Check for excessive water pump shaft play at cooling fan. If not excessive, do step 2. b. Replace defective water pump. Refer to paragraph 3-7. Step  2. Defective alternator. a. Remove alternator and check for damage. Refer to paragraph 3-24.1. If not defective, do step 3. b. Repair or replace alternator. Refer to paragraph 3-24. Check for improperly adjusted valves. check valve clearance and adjust as necessary. Refer to paragraph 3-26.6. If properly ad- justed, do step 4. Check for damaged rocker arm. a. Inspect rocker arm for damage. Refer to paragraph 3-26.3. If not damaged, do step 3. b. Repair or replace damaged rocker arm. Refer to paragraph 3-26. Check for loose flywheel. a. Tighten bolts to specified torque. Refer to paragraph 3-31.3. b. Check tightness of flywheel attaching bolts. If not loose, repair or replace engine. 3-9


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