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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 g. Attach coupling (157842-4420) to camshaft and hold coupling using spanner (157916-5420). Tighten cou- pling  nut. FIGURE   3-9.   Attaching   Coupling   (Typical) h. Remove  three  nuts  (8,  FIGURE  3-7)  and  lockwashers  (9)  securing  feed  pump  (10)  to  injection  pump;  remove feed pump (10) and preformed packing (11). Discard lockwashers (9) and preformed packing (11). i. Remove  two  screws  (11,  FIGURE  3-8)  securing  cover  (12)  to  side  of  pump;  remove  cover.  Remove  and  dis- card two gaskets (13) and gasket (14). j. Rotate camshaft (18) until tappet (23) is at TDC. k. Insert  tappet  holder  (fabricate  four  each  in  accordance  with  FIGURE  D-1,  Appendix  D)  into  small  hole  on  each tappet  (23)  to  disconnect  tappet  (23)  from  camshaft  (18).  Continue  to  rotate  camshaft  until  one  tappet  holder is installed in each of four tappets, refer to FIGURE 3-10. FIGURE   3-10.   Inserting   Tappet   Holder   (Typical) 3-36


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