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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 N O T E Note location of oil flow hole in cover (17, FIGURE 3-8). s. Remove four screws (16) securing cover (17). Tap governor end of camshaft (18) with a mallet and remove cover (17) using two screwdrivers to pry cover out of housing. t. Remove camshaft (18) from drive end of housing (19). N O T E Note location of rings (22). u. If necessary, remove bearings (20), shims (21), and rings (22) from each end of camshaft. v.   Lay pump (19) on its side. N O T E Steps w through ac apply to each of the pumping chambers. w. Insert tappet installer (157921-0120) into bottom plug hole, refer to FIGURE 3-13. FIGURE  3-13.  Removing  Tappet  Holder  (Typical) x. Push tappet (23, FIGURE 3-8) using the installer and remove tappet holder installed in step k. y. Insert clamp (157931-6120) through camshaft opening, clamp tappet (23) and remove it from housing, refer to FIGURE 3-14. 3-38


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